Relocating to Germany – 2:1 Business Tuition

A large multi-national company with offices in Surrey had decided to relocate two of their UK staff to the German office. While the colleagues in the German office spoke English, the staff members also needed to be able to communicate in German, especially outside the workplace. They had one German GCSE between them.

Language Learners planned eight weeks of intensive classes covering introductions, shopping, restaurants, health and accommodation-hunting. We also looked at cultural differences including those concerning business, so that both staff members were able to feel confidence in their ability to make new connections without causing offence!

Warehouse Staff – Business English group class

A small family-run company in Surrey had recently employed a number of non-British staff to work in their warehouse. The managers had decided to invest in some training for their staff to help them in their work with a view to promotion. They approached Language Learners and we carried out an initial assessment of the level of each student before making recommendations for 12 hours of tuition spread over 6 lessons, one per fortnight.

The sessions focused specifically on the common errors made, several of which were specific to the mother tongue of the students. Over the six lessons the group practiced role-play situations such as making and receiving telephone calls, making arrangements for meetings and handling complaints in a positive and polite manner. They also looked at how to describe their company and their role within it and how to report accidents and incidents. The company reports that their staff are now more confident in their use of English, particularly on the telephone.

Peter – 1:1 English for Work

Maria came to the UK three years ago for work with her partner and young son. Maria has a good level of English and Peter looked after their child while she worked. Although he speaks several languages, Peter’s level of English was below the A1 standard on the Common European Framework. They heard from colleagues that Language Learners had helped to improve the English skills of their families and so they approached us to put together some classes for Peter. After a little more than a year, he is able to communicate effectively with the staff at his son’s nursery and has received help from his tutor in term of writing an English CV and applying for work.