Learning for Pleasure

Learning a new language for pleasure is the best way to learn a language!

Adult learners have many different motivations for wanting to learn a new language or to improve their language skills. Recent clients include those learning for business, those buying property abroad and those who are learning for family reasons. Whatever the reason, we will take time to listen to what you want and to make sure that our classes reflect those interests.

While grammar remains an important focus, we will ensure that we get you using the language to complete practical tasks as quickly as possible. This helps to build your confidence as well as reinforcing your learning experiences. We use a range of resources including coursebooks specifically written for the adult learner, online international news sites and real-life objects as well as our own materials.

English (EFL/ESOL) tuition

We can provide a qualified EFL tutor (TESOL or CELTA) to help with your EFL/ESOL needs. If you need to improve your spoken and written English we would be delighted to help.

  • We concentrate on effective communication.
  • We help you to understand English grammar rules.
  • We help you to use those grammar rules in different situations so you can see the practical use.
  • We create our classes to make sure that they meet your needs and interests.


1:1 tuition is available at a cost of £32/hour. The cost of 2:1 and group tuition is by negotiation, depending on the number of students and the length of the course. Travel is charged at 45p/mile for the first 5 miles and £1 per mile thereafter.

Please contact us for details of rates for group courses.

Teri challenges my abilities, but without making tasks so difficult that it de-motivates me. She has also really helped to improve my confidence in my German learning ability. Miss R - German

Case study

Mr P – 1:1 French, Learning for Pleasure

As he approached retirement, Mr P decided to set himself the challenge of improving his French. “I enjoy spending time in France with friends but found it hard to communicate with the locals as I had forgotten a lot of my school French."

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