Exam preparation

GCSE and A Level Examinations

Language Learners has a successful record with exam preparation and covers all GCSE/iGCSE and A Level exam boards.

We place an emphasis on accurate grammar to maximise grades in writing and speaking and also to help the student have the confidence to be able to use and manipulate the language in the real world. Reading and listening exercises are combined with real-life examples to make classes interesting. We ensure regular exam practice with targeted tips and challenges, as well as whole paper practice to ensure good time-keeping on the day.

Help your child gain the most from their French or German with intensive 1:1 revision classes.

We specialise in German and French with particular focus on speaking and writing.

Examinations for Adults

Learners of German can be prepared for the examinations of the Goethe Institute from level A1 to B2 on the Common European Framework. These examinations are internationally recognised and can be taken either in London or in another country of your choice.


Exam preparation classes are charged as follows:

  • GCSE/iGCSE – £35 per hour
  • A Level – £45 per hour
  • Goethe Institut German Exams Level A1/A2 – £32 per hour
  • Goethe Institut German Exams Level B1/B2 – £40 per hour

Travel is charged at 45p/mile for the first 5 miles and £1 per mile thereafter.

I am so impressed with your extreme attention to detail which pushes the children to achieve and learn more, strict but fair approach and how you always go the extra mile to help them.  Your well planned lessons have given them structure and focus especially while we have been stuck overseas for many months during lockdown.  We are delighted that [our daughter] has now gone from a predicted grade 6 at GCSE to a grade 9! Mrs B - French

Case study

Mr M - 1:1 German, Business tuition with qualifications

Mr M carries responsibility within his company for the EMEA region and, as such, spends a considerable amount of time in the German office.

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