Mr M, 1:1 Adult German, Goethe Institute exams

Mr M carries responsibility within his company for the EMEA region and, as such, spends a considerable amount of time in the German office. It had become clear to him that he should learn some German in order to reduce the communication difficulties on these trips and to make them more pleasurable. He also wanted to gain a better understanding of the cultural differences involved in managing a German team and German clients rather than doing business in the UK. He had spent some time learning from a self-study course but was looking for input from an experienced trainer to fill in the gaps.

Language Learners were delighted to provide 2 hours of weekly 1:1 tuition during the business day. We focussed on topics which are relevant to adult learners and with a distinct emphasis on transactional language such as airports, taxis, restaurants and conferences. After four months Mr M took his A1 examination at a centre in Germany and was delighted to pass. He then continued his studies and gained the A2 certificate a few months later.  He has started work on his B1 and is looking forward to a residential course in the near future to consolidate his skills and give him a boost.


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June 24, 2016