Liz K – French group class

Liz joined our Thursday morning French group in Guildford. This is what she says: “My father spoke five languages competently and was a native Italian speaker. My mother is half Spanish and as a young woman spoke both English and Spanish fluently. Unfortunately for me though, growing up in England my parents taught us no languages at all. The chance for me to live in French-speaking Switzerland for a few years in the 1990s, with my husband and growing young family, clearly demonstrated to me the importance of having a second language. I had French at school level and could just about ‘get by’ day to day, but I realised how far my/our lack of language skills restricted our opportunities to really gain from our time living in the centre of Europe.

Now many years later and owning a home in the Swiss Alps, I recently needed to significantly progress my working knowledge of French to cope with the redevelopment of our property there and so liaise with builders and suppliers. Language Learners group lessons, delivered by Teri, really targeted what I needed to learn as she took time to discover what my needs for French were, amongst the others in our group. I enjoyed fun and diverse learning sessions where all key language skills were addressed; vocabulary and scenarios relevant to houses and building really helped me specifically. For the first time too, grammar was understandable. Teri’s grammar sheets clearly showed how to construct particular tenses and the structure of sentences in terms of word order – something I had always struggled with at school.

Language Learners lessons have definitely progressed my ability in French and I feel confident to liaise in a multitude of scenarios. I still have a lot to learn, but I know I can speak, read and write at a much higher level than ever before and my understanding, gained from a range of interactive listening exercises, has also progressed. Our group lessons were always interesting and mutually supportive. Importantly, I learned loads. I’m looking forward to starting some new sessions soon!”


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July 6, 2016