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Doing business in another country is much easier if you can speak the relevant language – your clients and suppliers may all speak good English, but does the taxi driver/hotel staff/receptionist? We can help your staff by putting together a structured set of lessons to help them progress from their current language level, using practical exercises and real-life scenarios.


If you are relocating staff to another country you may like to consider not only their own language skills but also those of their family members, so that they can integrate quickly into their new community. At Language Learners we also provide language support for the wider family, enabling children to fit in more quickly at school and partners to find their own work, sort out bills or make friendships. This helps to ensure the success of the placement so your staff can concentrate on the job in hand.

English (EFL)

If you have a staff team drawn from several different nationalities, would they benefit from some specific English language and culture classes? It may be that formal letter-writing or reports are not their strength, or that grammar differences from their native tongue(s) are reflected quite strongly in their English. We can help to fine-tune these points together with listening and speaking scenarios to bring them up to speed with the tasks required in their role.


Language training for corporate clients is available in blocks as detailed below. Each block is paid for in advance of tuition starting and is valid for 6 months.

Costs for 1:1 tuition for business language courses  

  • 1-10 hours of tuition – £50/hour
  • 11-20 hours of tuition – £47/hour
  • 21-30+ hours of tuition – £45/hour

For corporate training needs we will be happy to put together a custom-package depending on number of students, hours of tuition and optional extras such as provision of books, e-mail support and additional consolidation exercises. Please contact us for a discussion of your requirements.

While we are able to teach either in our classroom or at your home/place of work, please note that travel charges apply at a rate of 50p per mile for the first 5 miles and £1 per mile thereafter.

I took English classes from Teri during one year. I am so happy and so grateful because with her classes I’ve got what I was looking for: improve my English, learn business English and be more confidence speaking in English.
She works to understand your needs for you to get your goal. She prepares the classes in advance, so you never feel you are losing time (and money). She is very friendly and professional. I absolutely recommend her as a teacher.
Noe R - 1:1 Business English

Case study

Warehouse Staff - Business English group class

A small family-run company in Surrey had recently employed a number of non-British staff to work in their warehouse. The managers had decided to invest in some training for their staff to help them in their work with a view to promotion.

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